Bridging the Gap: Project Objectives

A report in 2005 of the University's Interdisciplinary Research Task Group identified that the key barriers to undertaking interdisciplinary research within the University was provision of appropriate space and time for the sharing of knowledge and understanding of language, terminologies and concepts of different disciplines. More specifically, the key barriers are the time to develop substantial and long lasting collaborative relationships and in particular promoting IDR between the CRNs In developing the current programme, the proposed methodologies will seek to overcome these main barriers to IDR here at the University and specifically bridge the gaps between the disciplines through:
  • promoting interdisciplinary research by demonstrating the strengths and opportunities in developing linkages between the separate disciplines; providing time and space for academics from the different disciplines to interact and share ideas and develop a deeper understanding of their respective languages, concepts and methodologies;
  • presenting challenges in order to stimulate interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving;
  • facilitating the programme and its activities through an academic Management Committee that will appoint a dedicated Programme Operations Manager and that will solicit the views of other experts on an Industrial Advisory Group.
These will help deliver the key objectives of the programme to:
  • Foster collaborative working;
  • Deliver new and sustainable multi-disciplinary collaborations;
  • Increase the number of high-quality collaborative proposals submitted to EPSRC and other funders