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The Centre of Excellence for Research in Computational Intelligence and Applications, CERCIA, is a highly interdisciplinary research centre specialising in applied research and knowledge transfer in the fields of computational intelligence and nature inspired computing. It has collaborated with artists, designers, engineers, geographers, neuroscientists, physicists and economists in a number of successful projects, funded by AHRC, EPSRC, Wellcome Trust, PPARC and industry.

Midlands e-Science Centre

Midlands e-Science Centre, MeSC, is a virtual centre funded through the RCUK e-Science Programme with a focus on "Modelling and Analysis of Large Complex Systems". The Centre has brought together researchers from Computer Science, Engineering, Physical, Medical and Social Sciences in the use of data and CPU intensive techniques for computational modelling, simulation and data mining.


Birmingham Interdisciplinary Bridging in Engineering, Medicine and Science, BIBEMS, is funded via the MRC/EPSRC Institutional Discipline Bridging Award initiative linking engineering/physical and medical/life science disciplines. This project has been highly successful in developing new collaborative links across these disciplines, resulting in several successful research proposals.

Railways Research Centre

Railways Research Centre is a multidisciplinary educational and research centre supporting the railways sector. The Centre is also the HQ for the EPSRC-funded Rail Research UK. The Centre brings together researchers in all aspects of Engineering, but also draws on Computer Science, Ergonomics, Mathematics, etc.

Centre for Environmental Research and Training

Centre for Environmental Research and Training facilitates all aspects of collaborative environmental research, for example several projects funded under the NERC URGENT Programme and the on-going work under EPSRC SUE Programme with researchers from several different disciplines.

Institute of Energy Research and Policy

Institute of Energy Research and Policy, IERP, is a major new interdisciplinary institute that brings together disciplines from across the University to develop proposals and undertake research into all aspects of energy generation, transmission, storage, efficiency and policy.

Birmingham University Imaging Centre

Birmingham University Imaging Centre, BUIC, provides state-of-the-art facilities for structural and functional MRI studies based around a 3T research-dedicated MRI scanner, and support interdisciplinary research that makes use of the facilities (funded by BBSRC, ESRC and MRC).

University of Birmingham Cognitive Neuroimaging Lab

Successful interactions in our environment require that the brain pieces together different sources of information (features) and interprets them as coherent units (objects, scenes). How does the brain solve the puzzle of coherent visual perception? How do we extract and represent information about global structures and objects in complex scenes? Research in our lab investigates these challenging computational problems using functional imaging (MRI, EEG, MEG) and psychophysical methods. The main goals of our research are: to study how local image features are integrated into global coherent percepts; to examine higher cognitive processes that contribute to the recognition and categorization of natural objects and scenes; to unravel the learning-dependent and developmental plasticity mechanisms that underlie these processes across the life-span from infancy to ageing.


BTG is funded by EPSRC under the Bridging the Gaps call.