Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap: Travel Call 6

Travel Awards: Open for Applications

The Award

The Bridging the Gap program is inviting applications to its open call for Travel Awards. These awards, for up to £1500, are designed to enable staff to visit and establish links with other academic or industrial parties both within the UK and overseas, with the eventual goal of developing joint grant applications. Applications can come from any member of academic staff (including Research Fellows), we particularly invite applications from early career researchers.


BTG's aim is to facilitate activities that lead to collaborative multi-disciplinary grant applications. All applications for BTG funds should demonstrate how the award would lead to activities towards this aim. Potential grant sponsors can include any research council, charity, or government organization; preparation of commercially funded research could also be funded. The research is not limited to EPSRC's remit - however it should clearly have a strong aspect of computational or mathematical approaches.

In order to assess the impact of BTG and report to the funding agencies, successful applicants will be asked to complete a short report detailing the achievements made during the visit. This will include details of any papers or grant proposals (ongoing or expected) as a result of the visit and information on the overall benefit the University has received.

Important points

In order to improve the chances of success, please keep in mind the goals of the project.
  • The fund is there to enable collaboration, not to reward it. We will therefore only fund future travel. It can help your application if you show that the funds would enable collaborations that would otherwise not happen.
  • The fund is specifically to help Birmingham University staff. A travel grant obviously involves other academics, but we would like to see broad involvement of Birmingham colleagues in your project. We would like to ask you to try and involve other Birmingham groups in the project, and/or set up workshops with visitors - you can use part of the grant to support this.
  • We specifically aim for projects that have a clear path to collaborative grant applications. Conference visits will not usually allow sufficient depth for this purpose.
  • We specifically encourage early career researchers. You do not have to be a lecturer to receive the funding, even if you cannot apply for grant funding yourself we understand that many applications have significant RF input. For students, the btg application would come from the supervisor on their behalf.

Selection criteria

The Management Committee will decide on the applications based on
  • breadth of involvement of UoB academics and researchers.
  • fit to BTG's aims
  • fit with BTG's subject areas. Note that we have broadened the subject areas a bit - projects have to have a computational and/or mathematical element, but this is not limited to optimization and data mining
  • likelihood of collaborative work as result of this grant,
  • impact if successful
  • value for money
  • travel finished, and some outcomes likely, by end of 01/2011

Application process:

The application has to include letters of support from the HOS (or equivalent) of the person that would be traveling on the award, as well as letters of support from all organizations that would be visited. It also needs to include CVs of all parties involved.

Application form: doc pdf

Applications are now accepted until the end of 2010, we expect to be able to decide within about 4 weeks of the application. Travel must have finished by the end of 01/2011. Applications should be submitted electronically to:
Laura Fenney
Centre Administrator
Any queries should be forwarded to:
Dr Thorsten Schnier
Program Operations Manager