Bridging the Gap

Bridging The Gap: Application Workshop 6

Towards a Systems Biology approach to Ecotoxicology

An international workshop on molecular network inference, 19 January 2011, 8.30 AM to 17.30 PM, Lucas House, Conference Park, University of Birmingham

The international workshop on molecular network inference aims to give to a broad audience an overview of the research ongoing in this area of Systems biology both from a methodological and application prospective. It is intended as a one-day workshop based on a series of talks from UK and international leaders in the area of computational network inference. We have contributions from both method developers and computationally minded experimental biologists that use such methodologies. From an application prospective the workshop focuses on one of the most exciting new developments in the area of Systems Biology. This is the development of a Systems Biology based approach to predictive toxicology in an environmental context. This area poses a great challenge in terms of integrating laboratory-based experiments with information coming from field studies but at the same time represent an opportunity to develop a much needed mechanism-based biomarker discovery platform.


Attendance is free and includes refreshments and lunch, however the number of places is limited. If you would like to register please email Annette Evans ( as soon as possible and specify any special dietary requirements. If you have any questions about this workshop, please email one of the workshop organisers.

Workshop Organizers

  • Francesco Falciani ( and Nil Turan (, University of Birmingham, UK
  • Natalia Reyero (, Jackson State University

Workshop Program

The workshop program and abstracts are available in this flyer (pdf).