Hydroinforamtics and Urban Water Management

Professor Dragan Savic

Centre for Water Systems, School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics, University of Exeter

Urban water systems are designed to deliver water and remove wastewater or excess rainfall from an urban area. These systems must be designed and operated so as to: minimise energy use; limit water losses (leakage and not-accounted-for water); minimise the number and consequences of pipe failures; make most effective use of the existing assets; and still meet customers' needs in terms of health protection, water quality and quantity. Use of hydroinformatics tools on such systems has been receiving quite some attention in the literature and a large number of 'soft' and 'hard' mathematical techniques have been developed and applied to water and wastewater system optimization problems. By presenting some novel ideas and a case study in which hydroinformatics tools were developed and used in a real-time management context, this talk will attempt to demonstrate the advances in optimal management of urban water systems achieved in the last decade or so.