Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap - Multi-Disciplinary Optimization and Data Mining at Birmingham

End of the funded BTG period

The EPSRC funding for the Birmingham BTG project now has come to an end. We would like to thank all participants - grant holders, applicants, speakers, workshop participants - for their enthousiasm and help in making this a very successful project.

While we won't be able to provide any funding, we are planning to continue running one-day workshops on cross-disciplinary themes. We'll announce those on the BTG mailing list, along with other events that we think would be of interest to you.

£4,000,000 Grant Success so far

Two successful applications that directly result from BTG projects (by Manfred Kerber and Francesco Falcioni) bring the total income attributed to BTG activities to more than £4 Million. With quite a few applications still in the pipeline and a number waiting for funders' decisions, we expect this to continue to rise over the next 6 months or so.

Previous Events

25/03/2011 - BTG Workshops on System Science approaches to Inflammation, Winterbourne House, University of Birmingham

11/03/2011 - Computers, the Division of Labor and Crowdsourcing BTG Seminar, Dr. David Alan Grier, Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University. Abstract

10/03/2011 - System Science approaches to Cancer

01/03/2011 - Open Call closed We have been able to fund a great range of exciting projects, project details are now available here

24/02/2011 - Dynamic Optimisation in an Uncertain World: Challenges and State-of-the-Art See here for detail

19/01/2011 - International workshop on molecular network inference See here for detail

15/16 December 2010 - Bridging The Gap Research Away Day on TransportSee here for the workshop program.

20-21/10/2010 - Birmingham BTG Research Away Day on Optimisation Multi-Disciplinary Optimization and Data Mining at Birmingham. See here for the workshop program.

31/05/2010 - Travel Call five closed

19-20/04/2010 - Birmingham BTG Research Away Day on Optimisation See here for the workshop program.

14/04/2010 - Computational Intelligence in Energy See here for program and slides.

18/02/2010 - Computational Intelligence in Water Engineering and Hydroinformatics See here for program and slides.

12/02/2010 - Fellowship call two closed.BTG awarded Fellowships to Dr. Rami Bahsoon (Computer Science) for work on dynamic self-optimization of cloud architecture with respect to the tradeoffs between QoS and runtime consumption, to Dr. Peter Tino (Computer Science) for work on symbiotic blending of advanced machine learning and data mining with astronomy, and to Dr. William Griffith (Metallurgy and Materials) for work on Positron Emission Particle Tracking (PEPT) applied to multiple particle tracking in the processing of materials. Details of the projects available here.

12/02/2010 - Travel call four closed. BTG had awarded two travel grants in the fourth round, details of the funded projects are available here. We are planning one further round of calls.

19-20/10/2009 - 3rd Workshop on Theory of Randomized Search Heuristics (workshop page).

16/10/2009 - Reducing the time complexity of chemical reaction-network simulations to O(N) Ivo F. Sbalzarini and Rajesh Ramaswamy, Institute of Theoretical Computer Science and Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

02-03/07/2009 - The Programming Challenge of Heterogeneous Architectures (Workshop page).

21/06/2009 - Travel call three closed. BTG had awarded two travel grants in the third round, details of the funded projects are available here..

09/06/2009 - Application Workshop 1: Real-World Routing and Scheduling (Workshop page).

31/05/2009 - Fellowship call one closed. BTG has awarded fellowships to Glyn Humphreys (Psychology) for his project on "A vector-support machine analysis of functional recovery from stroke" and to Artemis Stamboulis (Metallurgy and Materials) for a project on "Computational modelling of ionomer glasses and glass ceramics for medical applications". Details of the projects available here.

31/12/2008 - Travel call two closed. BTG had awarded four travel grants in the second round, details of the funded projects are available here.

02/10/2008 - BTG Talk: Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Research at UNSW at ADFA and Progress on Surrogate Assisted Optimization for Computationally Expensive Problems. See here for abstract and slides.

15/08/2008 - Travel call one closed. BTG has awarded four travel grants in the first round, details of the funded projects are available here

19/06/2008 - Knowledge Workshop 1: Aspects of Mathematical Optimization Organized by Michal Kocvara. See here for program and slides.

06/06/2008 - Opening Event See here for program and slides

About BTG

Bridging The Gap (BTG) is a University-wide initiative, designed to support the development of multi-disciplinary research collaborations within the University of Birmingham. It is an EPSRC funded project, running from 1st April 2008 to 31 March 2011. The main objective of BTG is to facilitate the generation of high-impact, multi-disciplinary grant proposals. To this end, we will organize events to improve communication, offer funds to support academics in grant-writing activities, and provide support and information.

BTG is organized around 4 themes:

  • Multi-Disciplinary Combinatorial Optimization
  • Conic Optimization
  • Advanced Data Analysis and Data Mining
  • High-performance Computing for Modelling Complex Systems

Events, funds, and other support

BTG will organize around 8 events per year. These will include technology-oriented Knowledge Workshops, problem oriented Challenge Away Days, and themed Research Retreats and Industrial Retreats. Participation in all the events is free and open to University of Birmingham academic staff, and any industrial partners, though some of the events will have a limit on the total number of participants. BTG will offer financial support to researchers preparing multi-disciplinary grant applications. This support includes travel grants, grant application development support, and academic staff time buyout. Over time, this website will be extended to feature a range of support tools and information pages, including data repositories, information on techniques, and an 'ask the expert' section.

BTG Mailing list

All our events and calls for proposals will be announced on the btg-announce mailing list. This is a low-traffic list exclusively for announcements related to this project. Please subscribe here.

BTG is funded by EPSRC under the Bridging the Gaps call.